In hot and humid countries, if possible keep your box in an airconditioned room. Thorens Music Boxes Music On/Off The Thorens AD30 is a 30 tooth combmusical movement that plays 4.5" metallic discs.We are compiling a list of the AD30 discs that we hope to be as complete a list as available. World's leading marketplace. [Below is another machine from <> that is also labeled as a Thorens … Reuge music boxes are famous for their classical antique and vintage looks. Musical Box Society International says that mechanical music was widespread between 1750 and 1920. However, the first Reuge music boxes were created well before that time. some small signs of age but nothing broken. Here it is: Never pay anyone to repair your music box. ALeis Music Box Castle in the Sky, Twelve Constell Seller does not know if the music box is in working order as the wind-up key got lost. Over time, the musical mechanism can break down, eliminating a key feature of the music box. Due, in part, to slight design changes made to Thorens Music Boxes over the years, it is problematic to make discs which are likely to play correctly on all models. More ornate Thorens from 1914 [Editor's notes: reproducer now turned to play lateral-cut like Victor/Columbia; I am unable to match this machine up with any model from the Thorens 1914 catalog here.] has been an Authorized Reuge Music Box Dealer since the late 1960s We have a comprehensive selection of Reuge musical Boxes. With your music box in our workshop, we can be sure our discs will play perfectly on your music box. View sold price and similar items: 1940's Thorens Music Box from Fusco Auctions on June 5, 0109 5:30 PM EDT. The music box has a … They continue the tradition founded by those legendary types TD 150 and TD 160 some decades ago. Lot Description: Swiss music-making machines lot featuring a hand-carved Thorens music box that plays "Look to the Rainbow" and a music box figurine of a young girl … When you think of a music box, you often think of a saloon in the old western frontier. Reason is the soul of the law, as the legal profession says. World's leading marketplace. The discs are being cost $5 each disc, or $100 for the whole great deal of 48 discs. Find best value and selection for your VNTG ANRI THORENS MUSIC BOX ROCKING CHAIR FIREPLACE search on eBay. Prior to the music box, non-performed music was produced by large and bulky contraptions using bells or chimes. Title: Thorens 4.5 Disc Music Box with 5 Discs 1920's, Status: SOLD, Category: Antiques & Collectibles, Shop: Fun Collectibles, Description: This is an early Swiss made Thorens disc music box before 1930. Thorens Music Box/Arni Italy music Box Swiss Movement Carved Figures/Wooden Carved Thorens Music Box/ Vintage Music Box/ By Gatormom13 Gatormom13 From shop Gatormom13 5 … 1940's Thorens Music box with one disc and original label. It was this village – whose fame had travelled far and wider – that Charles Reuge discovered in 1865, when he established his first musical pocket-watch shop in Sainte-Croix. The cost of repairs will always exceed the value of your antique music box. Music boxes are a popular storage accessory for jewelry and come in many sizes and shapes. World's leading marketplace. 4711 Cologne Smelling Salts My Roots Best Memories Victorian Era Perfume Bottles Germany Fragrance Music Boxes Today, Thorens is a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. Old Thorens Swiss De Luxe Music Box Movement - NO RESERVE 1964 * Vintage * Swiss * Thorens * 28 Note Movement * Plays 2 Musical So Antique Thorens Music Box Movement Switzerland Thorens … KWOOD Laser Engraved Wood Musical Box,Music Box with Hand Crank,Mechanism Antique Vintage,Personality Musical Box Gifts for Birthday Christmas (to Husband) 4.3 out of 5 … The brand is still worldwide known for its high-quality record players. Produces entire boxes and supplies movements to third parties such as Anri, Fred Produces entire boxes and supplies movements to third parties such as Anri, Fred Zimbalist and Sliverite. When a switch is triggered, a song is played by the musical mechanism hidden inside the box. This would certainly make a fantastic gift for anybody who has a Thorens music box. Disc players by Thorens Reuge and Romance. World's leading marketplace. The Reuge Company has been an authorized dealer of music boxes since 1976. If you get the whole lot you may have the storage space box that the paper boxes are held in in addition to a nice wooden box with a velvet liner. The Thorens AD30 music box, the style I most frequently encounter, dates from the 1940s through the early 1970s. Anri Switzerland Children Thorens Music Box Price : $95.00 A wonderful ANRI wooden figurine, made in Switzerland. Croix Switzerland. Do not expose a music box to sunlight, look after your music box as you do with a furniture. Any Music Music Boxes Sentimental Gifts Christmas Presents Vintage Music My Love Etsy Shop Products With Thorens 1600 series a new chapter in history of legendary turntables by Thorens is written. Thorens Inc. New Hyde Park, NY Music Box, en suite with eleven 4 inch Disks {Dimensions 3 3/4 x 10 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches... on Jun 02, 2013 Thorens is the oldest name in entertainment electronics, founded in 1883 by Hermann Thorens in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. 1865 Sainte-Croix village was the renowned centre of the nascent music box industry. Vtg Thorens Anri Mechanical Music Box Girl Feeding Ducks NEVER ON A SUNDAY will be listed on eBay, seller dccandy We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our Discover collectible Peanuts Music Boxes & Musicals featuring Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts comic by Charles M. Schulz. reuge music box used but in good condition And here is the reason for the rule. 1883 Hermann Thorens starts a firm to make music box movements in Ste. Goddess of music. Porter, Sankyo, Mr Christmas are available in our Music Box Disc Player Collection. You think of boots with spurs and an upright piano mechanically repeating the same song. The music box brought melodies into the home … Collectable Musical Thorens Price / Value Guide Browse FREE Collectable Musical Thorens Price & Value Guide. QUESTION: I have a Thorens music box and a dozen 4 ½-inch metal disc records, one of which is “A Bicycle Built for Two.” The mechanism is housed in a small wooden box. Find best value and selection for your VNTG ANRI THORENS MUSIC BOX ROCKING CHAIR FIREPLACE search on eBay. What is the value of my music box and This cute piece is about 5'' tall. The official Thorens® website: Turntables, Electronic, Accessories The new Thorens TD 201 is the right choice for anyone looking for a robust, easy to use plug and play turntable. Protect the movement from dust by keeping the box closed or by lowering the protective glass cover when you play it.