For Females. Bottle gourd juice effectively cleanses the system and keeps dirt, pollution and oil under control. Hence it balances the secretion of oil from the pores which in turn reduces pimples and breakouts. Thus, it is recommended by doctors to diabetic patients. Ghiya juice is very helpful in treating insanity, epilepsy, stomach acidity, indigestion, ulcers and other nervous diseases. 5. Bottle gourd reduces stress and anxiety, which is helpful for the heart to keep it healthy. Benefits of Bottle Gourd Juice: Bottle Gourd Juice has a lot of health benefits such as: Drinking a glass of bottle gourd juice in the morning helps in treating grey hair. Lauki or bottle gourd is one of the most common and nutritious green vegetable which is prepared in the form of various dishes in the Indian food. It is a vegetable loaded with vitamins like vitamin C and K. It has a high content of calcium. However, you can add amla, ginger, fresh mint leave and some rock salt to spruce up the flavour. Nutritional benefits multiply when the juice is made of a vegetable which is high on vitamins and minerals. Bottle gourds are one of the most nutritious vegetables you can add into your diet. Lauki juice is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, sodium, iron and potassium. From hair to skin, bottle gourd juice makes sure to upkeep your beauty quotient and maintains it for years to come. If it bitter in taste then don't use it. Bottle gourd juice or lauki juice also helps in treating dandruff and grey hair. Helps in weight loss. Normal hair ~ Peel a dudhi (bottle gourd), squeeze the peels to extract the juice and apply it into your hair. 5. If you are really interested in weight loss then please reduce acdic foods in your diet and the dairy, sugar and flour. It is to be noted that the effects of bottle gourd are not simply limited to our health, but it also provides us with numerous beauty benefits as well. It is available all over the world and in all seasons. It also helps in treating dandruff. Bitter Gourd juice is nor too sweet nor too bitter in taste. 5. Lauki (bottle gourd) juice is good for hair... Know the benefits It is of yellowish-green shade and looks very much like a bottle. Keep on for half an hour to one hour. Another thing to avoid is high salt. Wash. 8. It Gives You a Beauty Boost Bottle gourd is an Ayurvedic beauty tonic that’s great for the hair as well as the skin. This helps in improving digestion and treating constipation effectively. Bottle gourd. It can be reduced by consuming gourd juice. This is why it can help you stay healthy. Bottle gourd juice is widely used for the weight loss. Bottle gourd juice is beneficial for a lot of reasons. Bottle gourd juice is easy to prepare and takes hardly 15 minutes to be ready. Bottle gourd or lauki consists of almost 96% water and hence it is good as a juice. Combat Thrust. Benefits of bottle gourd: Bottle gourd is a vegetable that contains 96% water in it. Massaging your head with the juice with sesame oil provides an effective medicine for insomnia. It can give us a radiant and energetic life and it also helps in cleaning our system. Eating bottle gourd on a regular basis or drinking bottle gourd juice has been found to be very beneficial for reducing the risk of urinary tract infections and also aids in treating it. As a result, this anti-oxidant drink is quite popular among health conscious individuals. Lauki juice can prevent premature hair greying and hair … It is diuretic, so it helps in treating the burning sensation while urinating. 9. Since bottle gourd is high in water and dietary fiber, drinking a cup of bottle gourd juice in morning empty stomach gives a good fiber rich start to the day. Bottle gourd juice contains zero cholesterol and very less calories, which is ideal for weight loss. Drinking a glass of doodhi juice in the morning is beneficial for treating grey hair. Bitter Melon (Gourd) Juice health benefits includes boosting immune system, supporting eye health, cleansing the liver, maintaining cholesterol levels, promoting weight loss, maintaining blood sugar levels, detoxifying the body, enhancing the skin, treating respiratory disorder, preventing cancer, and strengthening hair follicles. Why Is It Important For Babies? Curing Nervous diseases : Mixture of bottle gourd juice a sesame oil acts as an effective medicine for insomnia. Bottle gourd contains Vitamin B which prevents the premature greying of hair and promotes hair growth. which provide various health benefits. Bottle gourds are helpful in digestion and other gastrointestinal diseases. Beauty benefits of bottle gourd juice: Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that bottle gourd juice when consumed on a regular basis, can prevent premature graying and baldness. 5. 4. But that doesn’t mean you quit salt. Bottle gourd has a cooling impact on the body. Bottle gourd juice has a cooling effect on your body and keeps your body hydrated especially during summers. You can make a pack of yogurt and lauki juice and apply it on the hair once a week. Before preparing juice make sure taste it from both side. दस्त (Benefits of Bottle Gourd Juice for Diarrhea) ... (Lauki Oil For Hair) – लौकी का तेल बालों में लगाने से बालों को मजबूती मिलती है और रूसी तथा बालों का झड़ना कम होता है | लौकी का तेल ,सूप और अन्य स� This article will highlight the major beauty benefits of bottle gourd for skin and hair. You can also apply bottle gourd juice as a hair pack for better hair health. Also, it is advised to have bottle gourd juice alone and not mixed with other vegetables. Consuming a glass of bottle gourd juice especially in the afternoon can contribute to weight loss. Lauki juice has low fat and low cholesterol. Bitter gourd juice helps you in overcoming the Type 2 Diabetes. It … Apart from high amount of water in it, bottle gourd contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B, iron, potassium and sodium. If you can eat lentil soups, vegetables and use coconut oil or sesame seed oil for cooking oil it will help you a lot. Hope you this short article Health Benefits Of Bottle Gourd (Lauki). It contains pulp inside with seeds too. Reduce Greying of hair. It is part of the larger biological family of cucumbers. Bottle gourd juice helps in weight loss and cancer, aid to urinary tract issues, provides a cooling effect, promotes heart health, relief from stress and anxiety.. Fresh Juice provides our body with a much needed balance by adding enough water content to it. It helps to control cholesterol levels. Bottle gourd juice blended fresh, acts as an excellent post-workout drink, as the natural sugars present in it helps in providing instant energy to the exhausted muscles and also the protein and other minerals in it helps in rebuilding and restoring inflamed muscles after a rigorous workout. Bottle gourd helps in treating urinary disorders. It is the juice of the bottle gourd that is taken for weight loss. Prevents Greying of Hair. Bottle Gourd control the high blood pressure A large number of people suffer from the problem of high blood pressure. Consuming bottle gourd juice has many health benefits. Bottle gourd juice is a great remedy for any kind of heat-related ailment like nose bleeding, pimples or ulcers. Massage it on your scalp for few minutes before rinsing your hair with shampoo and water. It will turn your grey hair into black but it will definitely slow the process of black hair turning into grey. Bottle gourd might not sound as a delight for your taste buds but knowing about the benefits it has on your skin, you will surely fall in love with this pale veggie. You can start your day with a healthy bottle gourd juice. Aside from this, as we mentioned earlier, bottle gourd’s cooling effects are great for soothing the mind after a hard day. Bottle gourd helps fight many small proble If it does, discard it. It is also known as calabash, bottle gourd, white-flowered gourd, long melon, and Lauki. Mix equal amount of bottle gourd juice with Indian Gooseberry juice. Bottle gourd juice helps to regulate blood pressure of hypertensive patients, because of its high potassium content. Since the vegetable is rich in iron content, it is extremely beneficial for the hair. This veggie is high on many vitamins and minerals. It is like a bag full of benefits for us. Premature Graying Hair : Ayurveda suggests Bottle gourd juice once daily in the early morning for treating Graying Hai 4. How to make bottle gourd or Lauki Juice. Bitter gourd has been included as a vital ingredient in both Indian and Chinese medicine for a long period now but it is the recent studies that has proved bitter gourd for diabetes is not just a folk lore. Peel and gourd and try a bit of flesh before blending, it shouldn’t taste bitter. Health Benefits of Ghiya, Doodhi or Bottle Gourd. It also adds a glow to your skin, prevents acne and breakouts and also boosts immunity. Blood Pressure and Heart Treatments : Bottle Gourd is also help in treatment of Blood Pressure and Heart diesease. Normal blood pressure is a sign of good health and in the case of high blood pressure, it can be controlled through proper food and timely intake of gourd juice. This benefit of bottle gourd is because of its diuretic nature. Fresh lauki juice or bottle gourd juice mixed with a spoon of lime juice helps in treating urinary problems. You can consume it cooked or as a juice to combat your skin related problems. This simple vegetable is full of minerals and water. Bottle gourd juice is widely used for weight loss. Mixing the juice with sesame oil provides an effective medicine for insomnia. Comments Quick tip: Bottle gourd juice should always be consumed fresh. Lauki juice recipe and ingredients are just a few which are readily available at home. The alkaline nature of bottle gourd juice helps in reducing the burning sensation. Do not mix other juice into your bottle gourd juice as it has more negative effects in your health. Bottle gourd contains a number of nutrients like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients etc. While juice of a 100 gm bottle gourd only provides you as low as 14 calorie, it helps to curb the hunger pangs in morning and restrict you from over eating in … It keeps your stomach cool and reduces body heat. Massage the scalp with this preparation every night. Prevents early graying of hair: Drinking bottle gourd juice helps to prevent early graying of hair and also hair loss. It can work wonders for our health.