Dual citizenship. Passport holders enjoy visa-free travel to 184 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Fill in our contact form and one of our immigration experts will reach out to you shortly. A spouse or a child costs up to €50,000. Buy €250,000 in government bonds and agree to hold this investment for at least five years. EUR 150,000. Our team will accompany you every step of the way to ensure your application in Malta is successful. Allowed. Prime Minister Robert Abela owns an apartment and garage in Marsascala, with other property in Xewkija and Żejtun. RCP is a trustable European family firm, and we know the unique European environment well. Malta offers golden visa (permanent residency) to investors to invest in Government bonds for five years. Malta Citizenship by investment program requires a minimum investment in range of €896,000 - €1,150,000, depending on whether an applicant decides to purchase or lease a property. (These amounts drop to €270,000 and €10,000 if the home is in Gozo or the south of Malta.) Financing Option: Net Worth Requirement: Physical Residency: None required. Bonds + € 350,000 in property purchase (or lease rental payment of € 16,000/ year for 5 years). The renewed Maltese Citizenship Program offers a secure EU relocation route with a fast and straightforward residency acquisition for the entire family. Health Insurance. Maltese passport. Real estate. Malta’s government has a guideline to help you know what stocks and bonds you can buy to qualify for this program. Our portfolio includes the best European residency and global citizenship by investment solutions. Visa free travel. The most safest and respected investment citizenship program in the world. A citizenship granted under Malta’s citizenship by investment program can be taken away if the investor doesn’t follow through with the requirements of the program. Add to cart. Book a Free Consultation . Includes contact database, press release, tenders and government links. Under the Malta citizenship programme, applicants are required to invest in 3 different ways; in the form of a contribution, property purchase or rental and in government bonds. EU Citizenship. Further, the MRVP main applicant must declare that he/she has an annual income of at least EUR 100,000 arising outside of Malta, or that he/she owns assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, other) valued at no less than EUR 500,000. Portal to Malta Government services. 436 of 2020 – Community Malta Agency (Establishment) Order, 2020 amending the Public Administration Act (CAP. The Government of Malta has published amendments to the Citizenship Act. In accordance with L.N. 1 year. As … Visa free travel. The formal name given is Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment, commonly referred to as the Maltese Exceptional Investor Naturalisation (MEIN) procedures. 168 countries. Considerations Citizenship must be granted within 24 months of issuance of first Residence Card. MALTA RESIDENCY AND CITIZENSHIP PROGRAM. Qualifying investments start from €700,000, with several options. Citizenship can now be obtained 1 or 3 years after a residence permit has been issued. He also holds shares in HSBC and Hili Properties, along with 5,000 shares in government stock. The Malta Citizenship by Investment program is the only EU-approved economic passport programme. Investment: Donation to Government starting from € 650,000 + € 150,000 in Govt. Residency Citizenship Program Limited (RCP) is considered one of the leading independent immigration service providers. FINANCING ROUTE from €120,000. Add to cart. Processing time. 12 months for citizenship. It is a residency which can eventually lead to citizenship through naturalization. Passport rank. Aimed at high net worth individuals, the citizenship program allows you to obtain a European passport in just a year. None. The Malta Golden Visa was introduced under L.N. Malta Individual Investor Program was established by the amendment to chapter 188 of the Maltese Citizenship Act, allowing to obtain a passport of the European Union through investment. Residency requirements. - Purchase an immovable residential property in Malta having a minimum value of €700,000 OR - Take on a lease of residential immovable property in Malta for a minimum annual rent of €16,000 to be retained for a minimum period of 5 years from the date of issue of the certificate of citizenship Yes. EUR 250,000. Financing. Participation in the program of individual investment in Malta allows the applicant and his/her family members to acquire European citizenship after 12 months of residence in the country. INVESTMENT IN BONDS / SHARES Applicants are required to invest at least €150,000 in Government approved bonds / shares listed on the Malta Stock Exchange which are to be kept for 5 years. A new mechanism has been introduced for granting Maltese citizenship to 一. Naturalisation based on direct investment for exceptional services. 189 of 2017. This led to the adoption of L.N. Become a full EU citizen through Individual investor program of Malta. EUR 125,000. A Maltese passport not only provides the advantages of EU citizenship, but also makes the holder a citizen of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Processing time. Up to €95 million in government bonds will be made available for those over 62 years of age as of two weeks’ time, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna announced on Tuesday.. Malta offers two golden visa programs through investment, one for citizenship (the MEIN) and another for permanent residency (MIRP). The Malta by Investment Programme or the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) as it is commonly known, by virtue of Legal Notice LN47/2014, allows for the granting of citizenship by a certificate of naturalization to individuals and their families who contribute to the economic and social development of Malta. The second investment option is a Bond Purchase and costs EUR 250,000 for the bonds (refundable after 5 years) plus a EUR 30,000 government contribution. For example, if someone sells their residence or government bonds sooner than the mandatory five-year holding period is up, they risk losing the passport. Malta. When you invest in government bonds, countries will often require up to five times the amounts required for outright donations. Germany Investor Visa € 100,000. This programme grants indefinite residency rights to international investors who invest a minimum €250,000 in Maltese government bonds or equities for a period of 5 years. The Malta Golden Visa allows affluent persons of impeccable reputation to receive Maltese permanent residence on the basis of a set of investment criteria concerning a contribution, government bonds, and property investment. Malta Citizenship by Investment. While this may seem similar to with the actual Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) regulations, we are expecting a higher level of Due Diligence checks and background verifications at the residence stage. Applicants will need to be granted residence in Malta prior being granted citizenship. Dual citizenship. This program does not offer special path to citizenship. €150,000 into Malta government bonds (or via approved funds for the same) for at least 5 years. EU Citizenship. 6 months. Passports are issued after one year through the expedited route, and three years through the standard option. EUR 350,000. Malta Residency Visa. EUR 50,000 cover. We work with a government authorized law firm in Malta. Government Bonds. Residency requirements. Business Investment . 9. 7. Out of this amount, a non-refundable €650,000 will be contributed to the national development fund set up by the government. Passport rank . In August 2015, the Government of Malta introduced changes to the Chapter 217 of the Laws of Malta. ELIGIBILITY FOR MALTA CITIZENSHIP The main applicant for Malta Citizenship by Investment must be … Citizenship: After 12 months of PR Status. Malta’s Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the leading schemes in Europe. Invest in Malta government bonds €250,000 (repaid after 5 years) and; Make a non-refundable government contribution of €30,000 and ; Purchase a property in Malta for €320,000 (€270,000 in South Malta or Gozo); or rent a property for €12,000/year (€10,000 in South Malta or Gozo) and; Pay the legal fee (depends on family size). To be considered eligible for the Malta citizenship scheme, the main applicant must be at least 18 years of age and must meet all the Malta immigration requirements on this page. Golden visa. The minimum amount required for this investment is €150,000. On the 20th of November, the new Malta Citizenship by Direct Investment regulations were published by the Maltese Government.. In Malta, citizenship by investment is obtained by making a real estate investment, as well as contributions to a government fund and an investment in government-approved bonds.